Nashville, TN (October 27, 2022)
Dove Award-winning CHH artist, rapper, speaker, and podcaster Kevin “KB” Burgess is set to release his debut book, Dangerous Jesus, March 7, 2023 from Tyndale Momentum.

KB refers to Jesus as “the kind of dangerous that is so infused with power from on high that nothing stays the same when He walks into the room.” He considers the love of Jesus to be “so strong, it’s intoxicating,” and his truth “so good, it sets people free.” In his book he implores readers to reconnect with this Jesus to become a threat to the threats—to be dangerous.

Tackling some of the hardest issues of today (race, nationalism, division, sanctity of life, sexuality), KB draws a hard line between the “Christianity of the Land” (which worships power and comfort) and the “Christianity of Christ,” which challenges us to worship, follow, and reflect the Savior. And he does it all with his eyes laser-focused on Jesus.

Grammy-winning recording artist and New York Times bestselling author Lecrae, says, “KB is one of the most poignant and unique voices of our time. He finds a way to weave unapologetic truth into relatable stories that shine a light on the goodness of God.”

KB has become a No. 1 hitmaker and has received critical acclaim for his studio releases with placement on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and top 5 on the Billboard Top Rap Album Chart. He also cohosts the popular podcast Southside Rabbi.

I’ve included all details below, as well as a digital copy of Dangerous Jesus below my signature. Hard copies are available upon request. Please let me know if you’d be interested in reviewing this title or featuring an excerpt from Dangerous Jesus (available excerpts below). In addition, KB is available for interviews.

Book Summary:
Why the Only Thing More Risky than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong

No one was more dangerous than the Lord Jesus.

From the moment He arrived on the scene, Jesus posed a threat to the unjust, a threat to the oppressors, and a threat to every semblance of authority wielded by the kingdom of darkness. He invaded the world with love for the forgotten, hope for the hopeless, and freedom for the bound. His ideas were disruptive, subversive, and scandalous to the world around Him.

Jesus was so dangerous, the powers that be killed Him.

Today, our generation is seeing a surge of people walking away from the Christian faith. But what’s repelling people isn’t Jesus; it’s that what is often propagated as mainstream Christianity is simply not worthy of His name.

Jesus is the most admired figure in history. He is also the most ignored, weaponized, reinterpreted, and misappropriated figure in history. The question is . . . who do you think He is?

In Dangerous Jesus, Kevin “KB” Burgess—award-winning rapper, podcaster, and international speaker—reintroduces us to the true Jesus, the one who poses a living threat to the status quo. He’s a threat to our division. He’s a threat to our rebellion. He is the kind of dangerous that is so infused with power from on high that nothing stays the same when He walks into the room. His love is so strong, it’s intoxicating. His truth is so good, it sets people free.

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