Franklin, TN (October 2, 2018)
Since it’s incredible launch in 2017, BRILLIANTLY BRAVE PARENTING has become a respected resource for parents who are seeking inspiration, encouragement, and practical support from some of the leading voices in the faith market. Hosted by Robert Beeson and Dr. Brad Mathias, Brilliantly Brave is a podcast, blog, and resource website designed to empower parents who are experiencing the joys, hurts, and challenges of raising a family.

Now, the podcast launches Season 4 with a powerhouse lineup of guests tackling some of the toughest topics facing parents today.

Season 4, Episode 1 launches with Paige Clingenpeel, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, with a passion for helping youth and their parents navigate the world of adolescence. Clingenpeel shares on the topic of self-care and parenting, explaining why parents need to not only take time for themselves, but they need to cultivate a trustworthy group of friends and mentors to gain perspective and encouragement.

Season 4, Episode 2 continues with multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning artist, best-selling author and accomplished actor Michael W. Smith, who joins the show with an incredible message of building a marriage that lasts, and creating a heritage of Faith for generations to follow. Smith has just created a new series of books and albums to help parents and grandparents enliven a young child’s journey with hope and faith through song and storytelling.

In the upcoming weeks, additional guests will include:
Aaron Edelheit discussing why parents need to be intentional on taking a Sabbath…and why having our kids take a break from technology is so important.
Sue Detweiler on the traits needed to be a life-giving mom.
Constance Rhodes discussing living in balance.
Kristen Hatton shares why healthy boundaries equal healthy homes.
Mark Mohr who shares about missionary parenting.
-Pastor Veronne Carter on parenting with a purpose.

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is an offshoot of the Tween Gospel Alliance and iShine. Tween Gospel Alliance is a partnership of ministries that are committed to helping tweens encounter the truth of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture. iShine is the world’s largest pre-teen Christian media group.

Robert Beeson is the founder and C.O.O. of iShine, the founder of Essential Records and former SVP of Provident Music Group. While these accolades may seem impressive, he is quick to say that his role as the father of three daughters is his most esteemed title. Robert had the challenge, and honor, of having full custody of his daughters, and created The Solo Parent Society as a place where single parents can find support and authentic community in their most challenging and important job.

Dr. Brad Mathias is the president of BEMA Media and is the pastor of Four Winds Anglican Mission. He and his wife were survivors of a near divorce, and Brad now is actively engaged in public ministry to families in crisis. Brad and his wife Paige have now been married for over 26 years and are the parents of three children, and grandparents to one.

Brad explains, “We have been encouraged by all of the support we have received from our first 3 seasons of Brilliantly Brave. Keeping that in mind, we have been diligent in bringing in the best voices on a variety of new topics that parents are facing today.

“So often we hear that parents of children of all ages feel like they can’t keep up with culture. They don’t know how to stay informed on ways to grow their family’s faith, protect their children from potential issues, and still make time for themselves. We hope season 4 will be an incredible resource that can take some of the pressure off parents, so they know they aren’t alone.”

Brilliantly Brave Parenting launches new episodes each Tuesday. Find more information and subscribe at

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