Los Angeles, CA (November 9, 2022)
Christian music artist Branan Murphy has released his new single “Father” available on all digital service providers now via Paravel/DREAM. The song is released as both a single track and a multitrack coupled with a Dolby Atmos version on Apple Music. This upbeat pop song was produced by Grammy nominated and 2021 Dove Award winning producer of the year Jordan Sapp. Murphy also teamed up with Sapp and Dove Award winning songwriter, Paul Duncan to pen the song.

“Father” is a worshipful song amongst the chaos of the world but dig deeper and there’s another layer that addresses the cry’s of absence fathers in the home.

“I was in the studio with Jordan Sapp and Paul Duncan and it was right around the time of all the tragic things that were happening in Afghanistan last year,” Branan explains during a recent interview. We were talking about all of that, and I remember we were all just overwhelmed at how extra crazy the world seemed that day. From Covid to all the political stuff in America to Afghanistan. It was just very real to us that day that the world doesn’t just need God, it needs a Father.

“There’s so much fatherlessness everywhere as it is, but then on top of that, to not know your Creator, your heavenly Father, that’s a hopeless place to be. When you think about it, so many times, the world just looks like a bunch of children without their dad. Sadly, for way too many, that’s true. So we started writing, diagnosing our issues, and we wanted a song that was a desperate cry for help, a cry for the love and the presence of the Father in the mess we’ve made on earth, knowing that he’s not far at all from any of us.”

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