Nashville, TN (May 10, 2019)
Southern California-based worship band, Binley, has released their new single for purchase and streaming “Never Gonna Let You Go.” The single, featuring Brandon Gill, and founding member Andrea Hamilton Binley, will be the third single the band has released. Known for its energetic worship and electro-pop sound, Binley hopes to create genuine worship experiences while filling a felt need for upbeat, relevant worship music.

Watch the lyric video for “Never Gonna Let You Go”

“A lot of current worship music tends to be more reflective, slow in tempo, and minimally produced. Our music is more of a party. We want our songs to stir up joy,” says Andrea. “Believers have the biggest reason to clap, dance, and rejoice. We’ve been given a new name and brought into the family.”

Andrea, along with co-writers Brandon Gill and Teddy Obot, penned “Never Gonna Let You Go” as a reminder that even in the midst of hardship, peace and hope is available in God’s presence.

“We all have different struggles in life. When you go through something hard, we can either go through it feeling overwhelmed and defeated, or we can go through it with a supernatural peace,” Andrea says. “God is always wanting to give us peace and wanting us to call on His name so he can provide and strengthen us with His presence. The best thing we can do is to worship, even when it’s hard.”

The message hits close to home for the lead singer, who has learned to worship God through the struggle of a chronic illness. While dealing with several autoimmune conditions, Andrea says her journey of healing has been a beautiful place to worship from.

“A big part of my own personal journey with God has been honoring Him when my body or my mind doesn’t feel like it. He’s still deserving of honor and worship,” she shares. “While worshiping, you get to a place where you’re able to interact with the Savior and breakthrough the negativity. His presence changes your perspective. You realize that you can handle whatever is going on in your life.”

“As a worship leader, it’s so important to pastor people and teach them how to praise God even when things are hard in their life. When your heart is reaching out to God, you step into this beautiful story of relationship and trust, even in the midst of your own personal hardship and unanswered questions.”

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