Redding, CA (August 12, 2022)
Bethel Music artist Zahriya Zachary has debuted her first solo single “Simple Ways.” The Gospel infused song speaks the simple joys in life that often go overlooked in the chaos of day to day life. It encourages others to recognize that if you focus so much on the future you are missing the answered prayers of today. Zahriya first made her Bethel Music debut on the critically acclaimed live album Homecoming where she led “Back To Life” and joined Brian Johnson in leading “Hymn of Heaven.”

Listen to “Simple Ways” HERE.

“”Simple Ways” reminds me to have fun again and not overcomplicate things thinking about the future,” shares Zahriya. “I’ve been overthinking things I can’t control and missing things I’ve prayed for in the moment. This song reminds me of my childhood because it just feels like something me and my family would listen to at the get togethers. I hope that this song will make people realize how simple life is and there actually is joy in simplicity.”

Born and raised in Spring, Texas, Zahriya Zachary didn’t come from a musical family, but her love of music began at the early age of six while learning to play the piano. She began leading worship when she was a freshman in college after the Lord clearly spoke to her and told her that it was time. Throughout her time in college, she began volunteering on her church’s worship team while the Lord was teaching her more about what it means to have a worshiper’s heart. She currently leads worship at a church in Houston, TX. Zahriya believes that worship is the place where we belong and her heart is that people will be led to Jesus through her.



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