Nashville, TN (September 13, 2019)
Leading school assemblies followed by evening, full-production concerts coast-to-coast, Indiana-based Christian music pop/rock band Attaboy has released its sixth full-length and first Radiate Music album, WILD. Available now at Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more digital retail and streaming outlets globally, WILD channels infectious pop music that has landed Attaboy radio success and sustained years of full-time touring.

With all songs written by Attaboy band members Ryan Payne (vocals/guitar/piano), Jeff Edgel (guitar/piano), Melanie Morris (bass/background vocals) and Christian Morris (drums), WILD was produced, engineered and mixed by Doug Weier. The album features the anti-apathy track “Waking Up,” courage-inspiring single, “Fearless,” along with songs of surrender (“Let It Go”), determination “Dirty Lie (feat. Beacon Light),” commitment (“Never Going Back”), forgiveness (“Giving Up the Fight”), loneliness (“Disappearing”) and more.

Attaboy is taking its relevant, energetic new music, fan favorites and hopeful messages to school assemblies, youth conferences and other events coast-to-coast. During its school assemblies, the band uniquely combines its energetic and relevant music with a positive message for students, sharing personal experiences of taking a stand for what is right and encouraging students to make their own decisions. Topics they cover include not judging others based on appearance, rejecting the negative labels placed by others, making wise decisions and not letting the past define the future.

Attaboy’s WILD Tour schedule:
9/19 Addison High School – Addison, MI (assembly and evening concert)
9/20 Edison State Community College – Piqua, OH (assembly)
10/3 Wadsworth High School – Wadsworth, OH (assembly and evening concert tba)
10/3 Wadsworth Middle School – Wadsworth, OH (assembly)
10/4 – 6 Lakeside Chautauqua – Lakeside, OH (youth conference)
10/21 Boone Central High School – Albion, NE (assembly)
10/21 Boone Central Middle School – Petersburg, NE (assembly and evening concert)
10/23 Rib Lake High School / Middle School – Rib Lake, WI (assembly)
10/23 Prentice High School – Prentice, WI (assembly and evening concert tba)
10/24 Phillips High School – Phillips, WI (assembly and evening concert tba)
11/1 -3 Grand Wayne Center – Ft. Wayne, IN (youth conference)
11/5 Ellington High School – Ellington, MO (assembly and evening concert tba)
12/17 Granville Intermediate School – Granville, OH (assembly)

* Assemblies and youth conferences are generally closed to the public.


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