Seattle , WA (June 3, 2022)
Seattle-born alternative Christian band Citizens has introduced its second single (and title track) off the upcoming album, Imagination. This song comes from a raw situation, staying true to Citizens’ true and relatable songwriting that reached deep places in their audience’s souls. Frontman Zach Bolen explains that the last words spoken to him by a person he really cared about before dying were painful ones, all because they weren’t seeing eye to eye.

‘Imagination’ is a response, “I wrote the most ‘I don’t want to fight anymore’ song I could think of, one that could inspire them to look past the anger and find the kid in them again,” says Zach. There is a magnetism in the chorus of this song, pulling listeners out of nowhere like a twisting rollercoaster ride that you don’t want to miss out on. And while the inspiration comes from a heavy place in life, this song is the protest against it all, full of happiness and hope. But Citizens also play with the perception from the very title of their new single–challenging the thought that differing beliefs and opinions are threats to Christianity. ‘Imagination’ seeks to reconcile the ever-present divide of humanity, bringing us back to a place of relationship with one another and with the source of our inspiration, Jesus. Citizens dare their audience to dream beyond what they can see, to ask questions, dance in the mystery, and stand on a hope that will not disappoint them. “‘Imagination’ is easily one of the most exciting and instantly infectious songs that we’ve ever written,” Zach adds. With their second single, Citizens inspires us to reconsider our perception of the Divine with music that pushes the boundaries of what “Church music” usually sounds like.

Check out ‘Imagination’ below:

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