Montreal, QC (June 12, 2020)
Alex Henry Foster invites you to the launching of his new single “Lavender Sky,” with a Direct-To-Vinyl live performance of the song from his studio-church on Sunday, June 14, in partnership with Orange Blossom Special Festival in Germany, where he was supposed to start his European tour earlier this month.

Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows are not just another post-rock band, they have established their studio in a church near Montreal and this is where they have been broadcasting numerous live performances of high-quality production since the beginning of their confinement, while remaining creative despite the whole pandemic.

After crafting their own vinyls in-house for a decade with the lathe cut technique, Alex and his band are now up for their first direct-to-vinyl project, which means that the live performance filmed/recorded on June 14 will be the one carved on the collector vinyl and shipped the following week.

The song “Lavender Sky” will be Windows in the Sky‘s 4th collector item of sorts, limited to 100 copies. The LPs of the songs “Shadows of Our Evening Tides,” “Summertime Departures” and “The Hunter” sold out upon release day.


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