Nashville, TN (May 28, 2021)
In the wake of a faith-testing year of loss and grief, Arkansas-based acoustic/pop duo After Grace emerges with a long-awaited new single, “Unseen.” A poignant anthem embracing God’s unwavering promises despite painful circumstances, the song has been serviced to Christian radio formats and is now available on streaming platforms.

Penned by Disciple’s Josiah Prince, along with Kip Fox and Matt Arcaini, the Foster Ferrell-produced “Unseen” resonates deeply with After Grace’s Cody Clark and Jerad Moffitt. Following the death of Clark’s father (Moffitt’s father-in-law) from COVID-19 last year, the song has proven cathartic for the duo in processing their pain and reaffirming their faith.

“The past year has been hard for us all, but we’ve had to adjust and try to keep going,” Clark shares. “For us, it’s been very tough to do that after losing Dad. Nothing is the same and it never will be again. We don’t understand why things happened the way they did, and we probably never will. The only thing we know to do is to trust God, and that hasn’t been easy.”

“It is easy, however, to find yourself questioning everything around you during the difficult moments life throws at you,” he admits. “I have questioned my faith. I have questioned God. I have questioned everything about life in general. But the thing that keeps me coming back is the memory of my dad. He always taught me to find my strength in the Word of God and to trust Him no matter what I’m going through. I may not always see it, but I can believe it. I may not always feel it, but I can trust it. I am choosing to believe in the ‘unseen.’”

“Our passion is to bring hope and encouragement to those who hear our songs,” Moffitt says. “Because of the dark season our family has been walking through, we certainly understand how difficult it is to trust God when what you see doesn’t match what you know to be true. But if we can be a glimmer of hope that reveals light and truth and perspective—even if for a brief second—our purpose for playing music is fulfilled.”

“We hope the hurting, lost and broken listener will hear this song and be reminded that while everything around us seems grim and dark, there is a Glory that awaits where all that is here on earth will pass away,” Moffitt adds. “We have an ever-present Help in our time of need. Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing. Hold on to Jesus tightest when the night is darkest, and He will never leave your side.”

Brothers-in-law Cody Clark and Jerad Moffitt formed After Grace in their hometown of Mountain Home, Arkansas, in 2013. The duo’s singles include “Save Me,” “Shine,” “Simple Things” and “Forever Home,” the latter depicting Moffitt’s family’s adoption journey. After Grace bowed their debut EP, You Know, in 2019, with the project’s title-cut garnering airplay on Christian AC radio. They lead worship at various conferences and events around the country and have opened for such artists as TobyMac, Building 429, Colton Dixon, 7eventh Time Down, Sanctus Real, Cochren & Co., and Joel Vaughn, among others.


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