Nashville, TN (April 23, 2021)
Nashville-based Christian music singer/songwriter Abby Robertson has released reflective new tune, “Everyday”—available now across all digital streaming platforms. The melodic hymn, which displays Robertson’s breathtaking vocals, writing, “an inspirational tribute to spiritual devotion, the track combines pop sensibility with a message of steadfast faith.” The Brandon Chase, Tyrus Morgan and Abby Robertson-penned track tackles the importance of lifting your heart to God daily, and not just in times of need.

Listen to “Everyday” HERE:

“Brandon [Chase] came into the room with this idea and it was just so refreshing to hear it,” Robertson shares with Parade Magazine. “We have these tendencies to only come to God when things get hard and we only ask for help when we are struggling. We tend to forget that when things are good we should be asking Him for help as well. In the beginning of the song, the lyrics open with “I’m sorry for my tendency to only speak to you when I’m in need of something.’ That line resonated so hard with me and changed my perspective and honestly, my relationship with God. It’s not something I come to just when I’m struggling now, I go to Him all the time. It’s one of my favorite songs lyrically and I hope people can relate to it. It’s a simple reminder to matter what it is, we should always be running to God and give Him our hearts.”

Though still early in her career, Robertson has a lot to be proud of: she’s opened for names like The Beach Boys and Switchfoot, and has performed at international music festivals in Israel, Malta and Ethiopia. She’s released pop songs and even had a stint in country music—all before age 21.

However, if you ask Abby what her proudest career moment is so far, it’s not the festivals, or big-name openers, or the impressive number of Spotify downloads. What Abby is most proud of are the moments she’s been able to be her authentic self with her music and on stage. As she explains it, “Not worrying about what people think about me and being raw and real.” Not an easy task, especially for a female recording artist navigating the current cultural landscape.

Robertson is thrilled to be the first artist to sign with Big Future, where she plans to continue releasing songs that ring true to her authentic self and provide inspiration and healing for all who listen.


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