Belfast, IRE (June 21, 2019)
7Core Music’s singer/songwriter Foldinglights (Michael Peter Ball) has released the chilled piano/electro driven track, “Perfect,” from his debut album Subterranean Hum, due out next month.

“‘Perfect’ talks honestly of growing up with insecurity, lack of self confidence, unable to look in the mirror due to acne and eczema and the realization that finally all this will pass away, as all things will be restored and we are made perfect in Christ.” —Michael Peter Ball

Michael Peter Ball Bio:
Desperate to add some of his colours to the madness of this world, he writes with vulnerability, and straight from the heart honesty, about faith, love, death and everything in between. He has dedicated himself to crafting music that cuts straight to the centre of the soul.

Foldinglights is equally at home performing on the stages of music venues around his native Belfast as he is leading worship in his home church and has performed with many artists including Martin Smith, Audrey Assad and Nathan Jess. He played his first London show at Camden’s famous “Hawley Arms’ venue in March 2018 with Tina Boonstra, and since then has gone on to play many of the summer festivals including Summer Madness and Creation Fest.

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