Young Oceans ‘TO BE BORN’ Lyric Visualizer

“THIS is one of my favorites from the latest album that didn’t get a lot of focus during release. I studied the story of Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3) for days trying to find a way to sing about the incredibly well known and often co-opted phrase ‘born again’. But I felt like there is no way to distill it any further or to add to it. The idea of being born again.. the very foundation of faith.. just has to exist in its plainness and its mystery. Images of water and sky help but I find that mostly I just need to sing it or pray it. Everyday. Peace of Christ.” —Eric (Young Oceans)

when the earth was a void
when the waters were bleak
i believe you were there
you were over the deep
and i need you here now
in the dead of the night
hover over my soul
desperate and dry

oh to be washed in your love
oh to be born from above
real life breathed within
to be born
oh to be born again

i believe in you Jesus
all your works can be seen
how you bend to the lowly
and the bound can be free
so i lay my soul bare
nothing veiled from your eyes
i confess i am helpless
give me breath or I die

i can feel your cleansing touch
here as i bow before thee
i can feel a brand new heart
here as your love restores me

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