Will anything ever slow the Newsboys? Few bands in any genre have enjoyed such an incredible run of success, let alone a line-up that’s endured myriad changes. They’ve even changed their front man three times, but the Aussies keep churning out the hits—33 of them reaching No. 1!

Since we’re into tall orders, we decided it was time to figure out the Definitive Rankings for the Newsboys Top 10 Singles of All-Time. We turned to our panel of CCM experts to develop their own lists and finalize what can now be cemented into the world wide web for all eternity.

10. “Love Liberty Disco”
Love Liberty Disco
Diehard Newsboys fans will likely raise a brow for this one (and maybe offer some fightin’ words), but enough of our panel appreciated the sonic curveball thrown by the band on Love Liberty Disco.

9. “He Reigns”
Album: Adoration
Speaking of worship numbers, this uber-popular track from Adoration spent 43 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Christian songs chart and ended up serving as the title for the Newsboys’ first worship compilation in 2005.

8. “It Is You”
The Newsboys’ turn toward worship music was ignited with this mega-hit from Thrive. Entire worship albums followed suit, including Adoration and Devotion.

7. “Joy”
Shine: The Hits
Typically a greatest hits project is just another way to repackage and repurpose old songs for new money. The Newsboys rewarded fans with three new tracks that were all welcome additions to the catalog, but none more so than “Joy.”

6. “Take Me To Your Leader”
Take Me To Your Leader
Original front man John James’ final album with the Newsboys was perhaps their most popular ever, with more singles released than any other. This pop ditty, penned by Taylor, has aged well (and we’re just glad there’s nothing about breakfast cereal on this list).

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5. “God’s Not Dead”
Album: God’s Not Dead
The Michael Tait era finally lands on the board with this mega-hit that featured former DC Talk band mate Kevin Max. Both the single and the album went Gold.

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4. “Million Pieces”
After a greatest hits project, the band took their time to deliver Thrive. The album spawned two of the band’s Top 10 singles on our list, and showed there was plenty more to come even after such a great run of success.

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3. “I’m Not Ashamed”
Not Ashamed
Steve Taylor started writing (or co-writing) many of the Newsboys most recognizable songs with this album. This title-ish track was the band’s first No. 1 hit.

2. “Entertaining Angels”
Step Up To The Microphone
Likely the best pop/rock melody ever delivered by the Aussies. Peter Furler’s first turn as front man delivered a slew of hits, but none more memorable than this one.

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1. “Shine”
Going Public
Even the band’s greatest hits album was entitled Shine, so was there really any question about the No. 1 slot? To watch the video, click the “play” button in the image at the top of this post.

Honorable Mention:
“In the Belly of the Whale,” “Reality,” “Spirit Thing,” “Breakfast,” “You Are My King (Amazing Love),” “We Believe,” “Something Beautiful”

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