NEEDTOBREATHE “I Am Yours” Acoustic Dark Horse Sessions

Sometimes I’m under starlit sky
But I’m feeling more like dirt
How do I forget so fast who you are and what that’s worth
Cause there’s an evidence of you in every corner of this life
So why do I still try to prove
That I don’t deserve your time

Cause I am yours
And you will always be mine
It seems like madness
I’m invited
To the table by your side
Cause I am yours
And you will always be mine
I’m a man whose one ambition
Is to dance with my divine
Cause I am yours and you are, you are, you are
You are mine

Sometimes I’m walking on a ledge
And I am afraid to just look down
It’s like I think I’m control
I’m giving gravity to doubt
But you love me where I am
Enough for you to not look back
And it’s the only kind of love
That I have ever felt like that

We say no don’t let the rain come
Cause we got our reservations
But the water that we need
Is bound to overtake us
If I had to write a story
Of the greatest love in time
I would have to sing of you
How I’m this branch and you’re the vine
And the romance that we have, oh it’s easy by design
I was fortunate to find you, I’m still blown away you’re mine

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