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LOS ANGELES, Calif.—On September 15, 2017 a new film will hit theaters. Because Of Gracia starring Moriah Peters, Chris Massoglia, Ben Davies and John Schneider, tells the story of Eastglenn High’s new girl Gracia Davies. Gracia is a girl with charisma, intelligence and conviction, but a dark past gives her a unique connection to Bobbi, a misunderstood classmate with a pushy boyfriend and disconnected father. Gracia challenges her good friends and fellow classmates as they attempt to pursue greatness, risk rejection, step out of the status quo, and face life or death decisions. To watch an exclusive leak of a clip from Because Of Gracia on this page, please click “play” above.

Peters, now a singer-songwriter with Reunion Records, experienced her first 15-minutes of fame during the 2011 American Idol auditions. After telling the show that she was saving her first kiss for marriage, she was told by judge Simon Cowell that her performance lacked passion and that she should “go and kiss a boy.”

Canadian filmmaker Tom Simes wasn’t laughing however, seeing in Peters the perfect actress for a movie he was writing that featured a lead character who was also saving her first kiss for her wedding day. By the time Simes tracked down Peters she had already had that first kiss however, having wed the lead singer of the rock band for KING & COUNTRY, but Simes quickly signed the singer-actress and work began on Gracia.

“I had written Gracia as a young woman who was both innocent and savvy,” noted Simes who wrote and directed the film based upon a play he had produced for several years, “and that’s not a combination you often find in an actress. I was thrilled when she said ‘Yes.’”

For her part, Peters holds no grudges against the judges who mocked her choices on American Idol, mindful that the experience opened doors for her in both music and film—and gave her a husband.


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