Mac Powell ‘1991’ Lyric Video

I was born on Christmas day in ‘72
And from that day on I did whatever I wanted too
Running from God, breaking mama’s heart
Dying each day, living too hard
It’s a miracle that I ever made it through

By April 21st, 1991
I was worn out tired from all the miles that I had run
Saw an old church and walked right in
Same old truth but it felt new then
On April 21st, 1991

Amazing Grace my eyes could see
I was born again at the age of 18
On a Sunday morning, Jesus got a hold of me
Hallelujah cause the past is gone
Hallelujah cause I found your Love
Nothing was the same, everything changed
On April 21st, 1991

Time goes by and days turn into years
There’s been ups and downs but one things always clear
Your mercy comes with the morning sun
Like it did when I was young
On April 21st, 1991

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