Zach Williams ‘Face to Face’ Rescue Story Tour Live Acoustic Session Performance

“On March 13th, our band and crew were loaded in for “The Rescue Story Tour,” when we got word that we had to cancel our upcoming shows due to the Coronavirus. In an effort to bring some light in an otherwise dark and confusing time, we decided to record some songs to share, and do our part to bring out hope amidst the craziness of the world. These recordings are the result of that impromptu live set. We hope you enjoy them.” —Zach

WATCH the full concert here:


‘Face to Face’ Lyrics:
I’m a traveler far from home
I get lost but I press on
I’ve got a mansion, streets of gold
Where I belong

There’s a day, coming soon
Where the old will be made new
And Heaven’s glory shines like the morning
Before our eyes

When we all see Jesus
When we all see Jesus
No more sickness
No more madness
No more pain
When we all see Jesus
Face to face

We will sing with the angel voices
There will be a great rejoicing
Holy holy, worthy worthy
Is the lamb

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