We thought we were excited about the possibility of Switchfoot and Relient K touring together—turns out, the duo of Matt Theissen and Matt Hoopes (Relient K) and Jon Foreman might be the most giddy. Of course, despite their coastal claims (Switchfoot calling California home, and Ohio being home to Relient K), they have much in common these days. CCM Magazine cover artists? Yes—Switchfoot gracing the July 1, 2016 cover, and the two-Matt’s on the upcoming September 1 cover—but it’s their already-critically acclaimed new releases that’s creating all of the buzz.

Both receiving a perfect “5-out-of-5 stars” from CCM Magazine, Switchfoot’s Where The Light Shines Through (buy) and Relient K’s Air For Free (buy) should be shoo-in’s for this year’s top releases. As they anticipate adding “tour buddies” to our “twinsies” list (this fall’s Looking For America Tour), CCM‘s Features On Film host Andrew Greer catches Foreman and Relient K for an impromptu on-camera sit down. And, stay tuned, as CCM Magazine will soon release rare and exclusive in-studio footage of Relient K performing two songs from Air For Free.

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