In our latest installment of CCM Magazine‘s Features On Film with Host Andrew Greer, we sit down with the timeless Nicole C. Mullen. Her current release, Like Never Before (buy), was praised for its ability to “make ‘Redeemer’ fans welcome while continuing to usher in an all-new, younger audience,” as reviewed by Managing Editor Kevin Sparkman (full review).

When host Andrew Greer raises the topic of recent racial tensions experienced in America today, Mullen stated, “[Christ] made no accidents when He said, ‘I’m going to make your color more of a peach mixed with vanilla, and mine a chocolate-brown…He did it on purpose, it’s not an, ‘Oops, don’t notice it’—no, notice, just don’t stop there because our colors describe us they don’t define us.” Mullen goes on to say, “When there are injustices that may occur because of our differences and we choose to ignore them and to say, ‘Ugh, not a big deal…’ Now we have a problem—we need to come to the table and say, ‘Come, let us reason…let me hear your point of view, and you hear mine.’ We may find there’s a lot more common ground.”

This Features On Film offers Greer’s interview with Mullen, and a special acoustic, in-home performance of “Greater Still” that begins at the 20:44 mark. Watch the entire episode on this page by clicking the “play” button above. Please stay tuned to for more Nicole C. Mullen coverage coming soon!

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