Skillet and Ledger finally rock the Vines Center after rescheduling twice during the pandemic. Parents and students converged for the concert during the College for a Weekend event at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Along with the excitement of hearing incredible live music again, Skillet and Ledger encouraged and inspired fans to look to Christ and not succumb to fear and anxiety in these chaotic times. Check out the action below from staff photographer Annette Holloway.

Skillet performed their new single “Surviving the Game,” they have a new album coming in 2022, and Ledger performed new music much to the delight of fans. See the setlists and websites below.

All things Skillet –

Skillet is one of the best-selling rock bands of the 21st century and a member of Pandora’s Billionaires Club. By 2019, they sold over 12 million albums worldwide. Their breakout single “Monster” remains one of the most-streamed rock songs of all-time with over 3 Billion global audio streams. The single gold-certified single “Unleashed” became their fourth consecutive album to receive either a gold, platinum, or double-platinum status.

All things Ledger –


Skillet Setlist

  1. Feel Invincible
  2. Not Gonna Die
  3. Sick of It
  4. Whispers in the Dark
  5. Legendary
  6. Lions
  7. Surviving the Game
  8. Awake and Alive
  9. Back From the Dead
  10. (Jen Ledger Drum Solo)
  11. Hero
  12. Anchor
  13. Undefeated
  14. Stars (Acoustic)
  15. Comatose
  16. Monster
  17. Rebirthing
  18. Encore: The Resistance

Ledger Setlist

  1. Iconic
  2. Rampage
  3. Warrior
  4. Bold
  5. Foreigner
  6. Goner
  7. My Arms
  8. Cosmic
  9. Not Dead Yet

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