I think it’s been pretty clear from my previous posts that I am not a huge fan of traditional or even most popular modern worship.

Honestly…a lot of it just sounds the same.

But everyone once in awhile I hear a worship song that just really strikes a tone of spontaneous worshipfulness. That’s what I hear in this new LIVE version of “I’ll Give Thanks.”

Housefires featuring Kirby Kaple live version of “I’ll Give Thanks” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Check it out on streaming or watch the video here:


“I’ll Give Thanks” Lyrics:
Verse I:
In the morning you sing over me
I receive your mercy
Your faithfulness is clear to see
Constant everyday

Pre Chorus:
Every breath I breathe an invitation
To believe you are creating something good
Though this season doesn’t tell my story
I know you’ll move mountains for me
You’re just that good

So I’ll give thanks to God
When I don’t have enough
Cause He’s more than enough
And He knows what I need

Verse II:
In the silence i choose to believe
You’re working in the waiting
Though the future isn’t clear to me
I trust you anyway

Why do I worry x3
God knows what I need

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