Wilder Woods is the solo project of acclaimed musician Bear Rinehart, founding member of Grammy-nominated band NEEDTOBREATHE.

He recently dropped this new song and video and I have to say I love it. I’ve always loved his voice but this takes things to another level.

Wilder Woods new song “Light Shine In” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!…check it out!

“Light Shine In” Lyrics:
Let your light shine in
All you children of broken men
Let your light shine in

Lately I’ve been terrified of a place I don’t know
But that’s no reason to keep me finding out wherever it goes
I’ve seen the good side of a bad situation turn out fine
I’ve seen the dynamite reveal the best parts of my life

For twenty years I was completely blind to all of my fears
I’ve had a weight tearing it down with all of these years
I’m left with very few to care about except the ones I hold dear
And there ain’t nothing you can say to me
To make the truth be more clear

Sometimes I wish I was lost
There’s nothing worse than being found
Or knowing what you gonna find behind those corners you go around
Intention and motivation are the money I love
Intention rarely becomes reality, reality never does

What you are trying to do is always better than what you just did So I will
give you that benefit, give you a way out of it

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