If you follow this blog, you know that I make it a habit to listen to every new song that comes out on Fridays…even if it take me all next week….which it has done this week. LOL

It’s almost time for another New Music Friday Christian playlist and I just finished last weeks today.

I had never heard of The Vicious Vic until today but I am so glad I did. I wouldn’t really call him rap or hip-hop because that would be too limiting…there is just too much pop sensibility in his music to just slot it in as hip-hop. His new song “Know My Name” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Click the play button above to check out his official music video for his “Focus.”

Or click the Spotify preview pane below to check out the new song,

“Know My Name” Preview:


“Focus” Lyrics:

Lights camera action
Center of attention
I did not ask for this
It’s all a distraction
I hope it ain’t me they came to see
Father we both know it’s you they need
Never wanna lose focus, focus, focus (yeah)
Keep my eyes on Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (yeah)
Never wanna lose focus, focus, focus (yeah)
Keep my eyes on Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (yeah)
Never wanna lose…

Verse 1
The Harvest is plenty is anybody willing
The garments are ready I hope that you can fit in
While we were stacking money to the ceiling
The devil stacking bodies in the oven oh!
God, I see you crying for a nation,
But I was posing for a picture
See I was glued to the big screen,
So I never stuck with ya’
You were tryna’ work on my cardiac
But I only follow if you gon’ follow back
Forgive me for my pride, its worthless
My time is service , Im here for your purpose

Verse 2
That feeling of privacy, the moments when it was just you and me, chilling
Thinking bout our future plans,
How we gon’ raise the dead
How we gon’ raise your banner
I never wanna lose that,
If I do then I’ma go back
To the days when I had jack,
Shouting to my father like it was my last breath!
I know there’s a reason, in every new season yea you’re still my first pick
So whether high or low, if you ain’t tryna go then I really don’t want it,honest!
So I’ma take a step back, refocus, see the world through your lens
Yes, they don’t really need to see me, you go ahead that’s the bokeh effect.

I’ma Fall back,
Coz’ you will never share your glory
more of you, and less of me
I Cant save nobody
So I’ve got to decrease,
Coz’ Father it is you they need, never wanna lose… 

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