So Names Without Numbers has gotten back together and put out some new music….some really good music that is. I’ve stated many times that I prefer my catchy, poppy tunes to be delivered with a bit of an edge…rock, alternative, rap, hard music, etc. That said, I still listen for the pop hook…and these guys have plenty of that.

Names Without Numbers first appeared on the Tooth & Nail compilation I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 in 2002. They released a few other projects before breaking up. The band reunited occasionally over the years  and now are back on a more permanent status.

They recently released a new video for their song “Goodnight” that was released last year on Indie Vision Music.

Names Without Numbers’ song “Goodnight” is The Best Thing I Heard Today!

—Ross Cluver/CCM Managing Editor


Visit their website or on YouTube!

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