1. Recording artists/authors Andrew Greer and Ginny Owens visit “Good Day Alabama” to chat about their new book, Transcending Mysteries, published by Thomas Nelson’s Refraction collection. Pictured from left to right: Andrew Greer, “Good Day Alabama” co-host Janice Rogers and Ginny Owens.

2. The members of Audio Adrenaline gather in Nashville for a day of interviews to promote their new album, Sound of the Saints (FairTrade Services). Seated from left to right are lead vocalist Adam Agee and bassist Dave Stovall, along with drummer Jack Campbell and guitarist Brandon Bagby (standing from left to right).

3. Faith-focused indie pop/acoustic rock favorite Danielson (also a frequent Sufjan Stevens collaborator) quite literally illustrates the fruit of the Holy Spirit during a spring tour supporting Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil. (Photo by Andy Argyrakis)

4. Christian pop chart-topper Francesca Battistelli takes the center spotlight during a stop on The Bible Tour, accompanied by many multi-media marvels. (Photo by LabeLive)

5. Singer/songwriter and STORYSONG Music founder Mark Wagner visits Moody Broadcasting’s Chicago headquarters to preview Family Christian Stores’ OrphanSong CD. The collection seeks to raise funds for the physical and educational needs of orphans in Africa and also features Newsboys, Jamie Grace, Jars of Clay, Nicole C. Mullen and Mark Schultz.

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