OK, first of all, if you didn’t watch the I AM THEY interview, go do that. I’m still stoked about it. And not so stoked that my dog wanted to sing a solo during it. Like, really. Thinking she probably found a cat or something. Sheesh.

Hey, speaking of I AM THEY, those guys released a version of “Tremble” (originally by Mosaic MSC) that carries their unique sound and energy, so I thought it’d be good to share some of my favorite versions of that song on YouTube — so you can “Tremble” all day long.



This spontaneous worship movement adds some heartfelt impromptu praise at the end of their rendition. These are those guys who wrote that song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”.


Amanda Cook

Amanda is one of my favorite singer-songwriters, period, and her tender approach to this song is awesome.


Brian Johnson

This approach to the song is pretty chilled out and acoustic with this unexpected choir backing him. It’s worth a listen.


Steffany Gretzinger

Like Brian and Amanda before her, Steffany is a worship leader at Bethel — with a VERY different approach to the song than the other two. A firecracker of praise energy, be prepared to be moved with this rendition (as well as its spontaneous outflow).



I love hearing Jon McConnell’s chill, smooth vocals on this first verse. It’s a cool change-up from the original vibe.


Caleb & Kelsey

The husband-wife cover song duo did a cool mash-up of this song with Bethel’s “Ever Be.”


Justin Bieber

Yeah this is a pretty quick clip, but it’s pretty cool to hear someone with that mainstream cred leading worship this way at a Coachella event (last summer).


Mosaic MSC

You can’t leave out the original. It’s just so good!


BONUS: I really like their Spanish-language version, “Tiembla.”


Got a favorite? 

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