My first Christian concert ever was Geoff Moore & The Distance’s Home Run Tour in 1994.

It was pretty eye-opening to have experienced music about Jesus that wasn’t only hymns, which had been my experience up until that point. It took me another several years before I’d experience that again at a national youth gathering held by my denomination, where a BUNCH of my favorite artists would appear.


I’ve seen a TON of concerts in the years since, and here’s my list of the best bands in concert (in descending order):


5. TobyMac

The Diverse City Band is always a show-stopper (pun intended). They’re jumping all over the place, playing different instruments and keeping the energy high.


4. The Rocket Summer

Hopefully you’ve heard of Bryce Avary. He’s not a standard, card-carrying member of the Christian music scene, but he’s a believer with plenty of faith references in his music. And he puts on a HECK OF A SHOW. Using loop pedals, different instruments and even the audience, his shows are some of the best you’ll ever see.


3. Skillet

Pyro. Cryo. Whatever. Things are blowing up at a Skillet show. And Skillet’s high-octane tunes are always a crowd-pleaser.



The Brothers Smallbone and their merry men know how to craft an experience. Their flair for theatrics, dedication to percussion, and many stage antics make them a can’t-miss.


1. Switchfoot

Time and time again, their musical excellence, heartfelt statements and attention to the moment make their shows different every time and an unforgettable experience.


Who are your favorites?

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