From the release of its Tooth & Nail Records debut Hanging On By A Thread in 2010 through literally today, The Letter Black’s been on the road incessantly, amassing one of the most passionate fan bases in the hard rock ranks. Though it’s been a lengthy wait for its sophomore follow-up Rebuild, the band’s never been absent when it comes to communication, regularly posting “Dear Diary” blogs on the band’s website to keep fans in the loop on life behind the scenes. As front woman Sarah Anthony shares with CCM, there’s plenty for The Letter Black’s faithful to look forward to this season, starting with a Rage Against The Machine-inspired new album, some meaningful messages against hypocrisy and a major tour alongside some famous faces.

CCM: How would you describe the new Rebuild record in a nutshell?

SARAH ANTHONY: The lyrics and music are more mature and focused than the first record, and it is good ol’ heavy rock n’ roll. here

CCM: What’s the message behind your “Sick Charade” single?

SARAH: That song is written about phony people who lead a double life. The song challenges listeners to be wise and not follow anyone blindly, and to make sure they aren’t doing any charades in their own lives.

CCM: You guys have been very active online with your “Dear Diary” blogs. How has that helped you connect with fans?

SARAH: The “Diary” lets people get a glimpse into the other 23 hours of our lives that they don’t see on stage and fans really enjoy seeing that we are just like them. We’re very down to earth and letting people see that is great.

CCM: What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your label debut in 2010 until now?

SARAH: We have done so many shows that I have gotten very comfortable on stage now and I love entertaining people. I used to be shy so it took a while to get comfortable up there, but now I am!

CCM: Who’s been your favorite band to tour with so far and what can fans expect next from The Letter Black on the road?

SARAH ANTHONY: We can’t pick just one. We have toured with so many amazing bands with amazing people! Some of our favorite shows are actually festivals because it’s like a family reunion for bands. We are touring with Thousand Foot Krutch, Love and Death [led by former Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch] and The Wedding and we are very excited about that! This year will be full of touring like usual, so check Facebook for new dates, which are being added all the time.


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