Long before he was on the path to singer/songwriter stardom, Adam Cappa was ministering to teens through the Young Life organization, followed by leading worship at his home church’s youth group. Not only did those formative years give him a heart for ministry, but they also inspired his vertically-charged lyrics which soon found their way to an even wider audience given tour time with Jeremy Camp. Aside from being taken under that veteran’s wing, it led the now 25-year-old Cappa to a record deal with BEC Recordings for his debut disc The Rescue and a chance to share his story with the masses, which continues this fall alongside Camp and Francesca Battistelli.

CCM: How did you get hooked up with BEC Recordings?
Adam Cappa: I got hooked up, literally, through my good friend and [tour/label] mate Jeremy Camp. Jeremy, being such a huge part of my new record The Rescue, pitched it to BEC and the rest is history. Having a record deal was never on my radar. I was completely content working at the church and leading worship at teen camps. I felt the Lord call me to leave the church and pursue full time ministry on the road. Next thing I knew God opened a huge door and yelled “go”!
CCM: What were the biggest benefits of touring with Jeremy Camp?
Cappa: The biggest benefit of being on the road with Jeremy, besides becoming completely ripped, is being able to learn from the best. I constantly am feeling pushed and challenged in my faith and as an artist. Whatever comes from this whole experience, I hope to walk away a stronger leader and with an even deeper relationship with the Lord.
CCM: How did his role as co-producer shape the sounds on your new record?

Cappa: Jeremy has an amazing ability to create unforgettable and heart-wrenching melodies. Being able to co-write this record with him, along with Andy Dodd, was incredible. Jeremy and Andy both brought so much of their heart and gifting to this project. Jeremy offered numerous song ideas that really spoke to my heart and that I was able to relate with. Between Jeremy, Andy and myself, we were able to create some really fun, upbeat tunes and some amazing moments of worship.
CCM: How would you describe your songwriting style throughout The Rescue?

Cappa: I would say it’s relatable [because] it talks about the challenges we will face in life and the rest that we find in Jesus. We wrote this record knowing that there is a lost generation captured by a pop world with the wrong message. This is our attempt to share the hope of Jesus to that same generation.  
CCM: How did working with Young Life help lay the ground work for your overall ministry goals?

Cappa: Young Life played a huge role in me coming to know and love the Lord. If it wasn’t for my local leaders who took the time to love and invest in me, I don’t think I would have understood the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ and how much He truly loves me. I worked two summers at a Young Life camp scrubbing toilets, doing laundry and leading worship when I could. Those two summers allowed me to grow in my faith and ability to play and sing. However, it wasn’t until I came back home that I was invited to help at a local youth group. The next five years I spent working on staff with students and leading worship. I know what it’s like when someone just takes the time. People doing exactly that changed my life and shaped my attitude and heart for ministry.

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