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As Thousand Foot Krutch has been busy globetrotting of late, the boys from Canada now look forward to rockin’ round the States for the next three-months as they co-headline this year’s Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. But for front man Trevor McNevan (whom also speaks for his mates Steve Augustine and Joel Bruyere), it’s more than just another gig.

The trio are currently finalizing their Winter Jam set, details of which McNevan couldn’t share with CCM Magazine, but what he’s looking forward to the most aren’t just the notes he’ll play on his guitar, but the one’s he’ll be jotting down in his journal during the tour’s Jam Church each and every Sunday. Emphasizing what makes this tour such a special experience for both fan and artist, McNevan tells us that the moments among friends that happen in and around Winter Jam are most important.

CCM Magazine: First thing’s first, how stoked are you guys to be co-headlining this tour this year?
Trevor McNevan: It’s such a blessing. This is our second time on Winter Jam. Our experience from the first time was fantastic. It’s such a unique and one-of-a-kind tour. When I think about the immense amount of touring we’ve done through the years, I’ve never really seen anything like it—it’s special. Regardless of age, from young to old, when you come to Winter Jam you leave feeling a sense of community. They create a pretty amazing culture there.

CCM: They love to mix it up and add hard rock acts like yourselves to the billing. This year, you’re carrying the torch for bands like Skillet and RED that have been featured recently. Is there anything special in the works for what you guys are going to be doing on stage?
Yeah, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. I can’t tell you much about that, but we’re very excited. It’s going to be a pretty high-octane moment of the show, that’s for sure. We’re currently putting our set together.

CCM: We’re also curious to know what Winter Jam-specific memories you might have—either being a part of it or experiencing it as a fan?
TM: Absolutely, man. I’ve never seen a tour have church before, and when you sign up for something like this, where it’s three-months long, it’s a big commitment as a band-family, but also for our own families. You’re away from your home church and you’re away from your home community for pretty immense amounts of time. This particular tour has a thing called Jam Church, and every Sunday morning, we have church. Different artists switch up leading worship, and it’s just such a cool, special thing.


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