CCM: Last book you finished?
Last book I finished is a book by the pastor at my church, Palmer Chinchen, called Justice Calling (buy). Really cool book.
MF: The Unexpected Legacy Of Divorce (buy).
DO: My wife is reading it, too. My parents are married, but her parents are not. It’s very interesting. I think it’s a 25-year study of children of divorce and how the symptoms of their parents divorce, and usually not until adulthood. Very interesting.

CCM: The last time you were surprisingly moved by a piece of music?
Every day.
DO: A couple of weeks ago. It was “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors (buy). I don’t know if I was moved as much by the music, or if it was maybe a combination of the song and the video that goes along with it. It’s a really powerful message about domestic abuse.
MF: There’s a new song by this artist named RaeLynn called “Love Triangle,” (buy) and it’s about her perspective in growing up in a divorced family. It’s surprisingly moving.
JH: My little brother. He is actually in Japan right now. He sent me a song last night—he’s a singer-songwriter—and just asked me what I thought of it. It was such a raw and honest song, the lyric was so raw and moving. It was his way of dealing with the loss of some family members recently. It moved me to tears.

CCM: Last great movie you watched?
JH: Zootopia (buy) with my kids.
MF: I’ve sadly watched a ton of not very great movies.
JH: Go see some Zootopia, dude!
JM: Actually, the new Pete’s Dragon (buy) is really good.

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