But true to her innovative spirit, the multi-format entrepreneur refuses to resign her talents to one creative outlet, continuing her popular co-starring roles with husband, David, on the couple’s branded television shows, It’s A Mann’s World (BET) and Mann & Wife (Bounce TV)—both in production for third seasons—while touring and promoting this latest chart-topping recording music endeavor.

Curious as to what keeps her motivated professionally, personally and spiritually, CCM Magazine goes straight to the source, sitting down with Mrs. Tamela Mann for an exclusive peek into the heart and life of one of the church’s greatest voices in entertainment today.

CCM Magazine: Your current work profile includes two television shows, concert tours and appearances, and a new record released on your own homespun label last month. Your husband, David, and you are the definition of “entrepreneurial.” Balancing so many different endeavors, how do you resist physical exhaustion, much less maintain mental sanity?
Tamela Mann: Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but I’ve learned over the years to focus on one task at a time. If I’m recording an album, I focus on that, and if I’m filming a television show I focus on just filming.

CCM: How do you nurture your marriage while being a high-profile public couple with a large workload?
TM: When it comes to my career and my marriage I don’t balance the two, because when you balance things you give them the same weight. My marriage always comes first.

CCM: Let’s talk spiritual life. How do you motivate and inspire your relationship with God, as well as keep in touch with the local church, while maintaining an active career?
TM: I know I just answered that my marriage is first, but my walk [with God] and my faith in God is actually my main priority. I do travel a lot, and I minister to a lot of people, so when I am home it’s very important for me to go to church and get rebooted and re-energized before I get back on the road!

CCM: This conversations plays into the theme of the record’s current single, “God Provides.” How have you seen God provide in your life throughout the ups and downs of career, family life and spiritual life?
TM: God has been providing for me before I had a “career”. When people hear “God Provides” they automatically think financially. God provides in more ways than just one. God provides us with peace of mind, and He also provides us with wisdom to make the right choices in our spiritual life as well as our everyday life.


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