Superchick’s third consecutive No. 1 single from Beauty from Pain (Columbia/Inpop) secured the top spot at Christian Hit Radio for an astounding 13 weeks. Front woman TRICIA BROCK recently took time out from recording the band’s anticipated 2008 release to pen the story behind “Stand in the Rain.”

We were in the studio remixing some tracks when Max [Hsu, Superchick’s multiinstrumentalist/ DJ] began playing the chorus for a new song idea he had. We all stood there, really moved by the lyrics and melody, knowing that this song was going to be special. I went home and wrote down all the thoughts that came to mind when listening to its melody. The lyrics were mostly written for a friend of mine who was going through such a hard place in life—a broken heart that just wouldn’t seem to heal. They reflected what I would want to say to her.

“Stand in the Rain” is among the songs we’ve written and recorded quickest. It came together in about two weeks. I am so proud of this song. Everyone in Superchick had just experienced two really devastating years…so many ups and downs, seeing friends and family struggling. This song was meant for us, too. We were all feeling pretty beat up and worn out and needed a reminder of hope in the midst of the storm. “Stand in the Rain” reminds me of that place in the storms of life where there is complete calm. It makes no sense, and you just know that it’s God carrying you through. It’s indescribable how you make it to the other side, but you do, and you know God’s promises are true. There will be storms in life, but nothing beyond what you can bear. We will walk through fires and not be burned; we may get tossed around in the waters of a storm, but we won’t drown. And what might have started out as the most painful time in your life, may just become a time of precious dependency on God.


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