Andrea Olson recently released her new single, ‘What A God You Are,’ a song she wrote with Meredith Andrews and Melanie Waldman.

Story Behind the Song:
“At the end of 2020, I found myself captivated by Psalm 66. Verse 3 in TPT says, “For he’s the awe-inspiring God, great and glorious in power! We’ve never seen anything like him!” As I sat down at my piano, I was struggling with all the unknowns around me. The world seemed to be changing at a rapid pace and it felt overwhelming. As I often do, I just started playing and worshipping. The words What a God You are began to pour out of my heart and my mouth. And I started calling out all the things that I knew to be true about my Savior. For me, often in life I have to remind myself what I know to be true, even when it doesn’t feel like it.” – Andrea Olson


Watch her CCM Cafe performance of ‘You Already Have’:

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