For a number of years, Mother’s Day was a tough one for me. In 2006, I lost my mother in a car accident and it led me into one of the darkest seasons of my life. As difficult as it was, God truly led me by grace into another season of healing and understanding.

My mother was a fun-loving, joy-giving person with a contagious personality. I always picture her with a huge smile and a laugh! She knew how precious each moment was, but most of all, the importance of people. She was a pastor’s wife and had a special way of being a mother and a friend to many people. Somehow, however, I never felt she was less of a mother or a friend to me as her son.

While growing up, I experienced many of my friends feeling the pressure to go to college, get a degree, and “become something.” Although those aren’t bad things, they weren’t what I was feeling God leading me. My mom would always encourage us to pursue what we felt He was leading us into, even if it wasn’t the norm. After she passed, I realized just how short life was and that I needed to stop waiting around and start stepping out.

I can honestly say that her words literally shaped the next nine years of my life. Her encouragement still resonates in my heart as I hear her saying, “Go for it Dan!” I am so thankful for that.

A mother fulfills a role to her children that no one else can. This role is so valuable and often underestimated. The countless hours, prayers, and tears that a mother invests into her children’s lives are beautiful and unmatched. To those who still have your mother around, give her a big hug and consider every moment precious.

For those who have lost your mom, keep remembering the good things she has passed down to you and let it shape who you’ve become. For all the mothers out there, remember your words and love can steer the course of your children that has the ability to echo far into the future.

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