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Artists are real people, too, and just as much as they like a good book or movie, you also like to know about it. So from time to time, CCM Magazine, will break its mold and just have chit-chat with our favorite artists to find out what they’ve been up to lately in our ongoing The Last Time series. Back in January, we caught up with one of the fastest rising stars in Christian music then and now, Steven Malcolm. Currently featured on Winter Jam, Malcolm just released his first self-titled LP with Word Entertainment/4Against5 (buy).

CCM Magazine: The last collaboration you recorded?
Steven Malcolm: Json‘s song “Ohh Yeah” off his project called Foreign (buy). Love the song, turned out great!

CCM: The last Christian hip hop album you purchased?
SM: NF‘s Therapy Session (buy)

CCM: The last event that moved you to write a song?
SM: Last summer, I wrote a song called “I Am” to be a voice and support during the riots and police shootings. Christ is a healer, and I hope my song can play a part in bringing hope and love to a volatile situation.

CCM: The last time you felt like a total rock star on stage?
SM: January 14th, Winter Jam Tour, Tampa Bay, Florida! It was too lit!

CCM: The last time a fan shared a testimony about your music impacting their life?
SM: Just a couple of days ago on Instagram. I get that a lot and it’s so amazing! Reminds me of why I do what I do.

CCM: The last memorable moment playing a sport?
SM: Playing basketball in Memphis, Tennessee at the Kroc Center. Two good friends and I went and shut the place down! [Laughs] Didn’t lose a game that day.

CCM: The last movie that was so bad you shut it off?
SM: Jack Reacher 2 [laughs]. My girlfriend and I left the movie theater because it was a little too boring. Too much talking not enough action.

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