Skillet Carnival of Madness Tour

Hitting arenas and amphitheatres all across America, the annual “Carnival Of Madness” Tour is once again a premier destination for modern rock fans with Skillet smack dab in the middle of this year’s action (prior to mainstream megastars Shinedown and Papa Roach).


The faith-based foursome just kicked off its touring season supporting the brand new record Rise (Atlantic/Word) and active rock anthems like “Sick Of It” or “Not Gonna Die” had no trouble fitting in with past staples like “Hero” or “Whispers In The Dark,” all of which found John Cooper leading the charge with arena-ready confidence.


Musically, keyboardist/guitarist Korey Cooper, drummer/co-vocalist Jen Ledger and guitarist Seth Morrison never sounded better, especially on metallic gems like the new “Circus For A Psycho” and the classic “Rebirthing.” All the while, the overt lyrics were equally effective, unabashedly sharing members’ beliefs in the decidedly secular setting.


While some in the audience might not have agreed with every word, no one could deny Skillet’s jaw dropping showmanship, which also featured a state of the art smoke and light show, augmented by hydraulic lifts that brought members (and supporting string players) eye level with the upper bowl.


If this impressive launch to the Rise touring cycle was any indication of what’s to come, Skillet is sure to build upon its multi-platinum reputation, while continuing to shine an entertaining, innovative and inspiring light on literally all corners of the world.


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