Satellites and Sirens took the music scene by storm with its self-titled debut in 2010. Garnering two Dove nominations and a featured spot on MTV, they quickly distinguished themselves as a band to watch. However, in 2011, due to some industry shake-ups, they were released from their label. Determined to maintain the momentum and fan-base already in place, they worked even harder, releasing two records (Frequency; The Covers) in 2012 alone.

2014 finds the band with a new label (DREAM Records) and with a sound more fully realized than ever. An infectious blend of rock, worship and pop, One Noise is a sonic kaleidoscope of a band that has weathered the storm, dared to examine every aspect of their craft and finally surrender the whole thing to the God they sing about. CCM got to ask the band few questions about their latest release and a what they hope the future will bring.

CCM: This project is a seamless blend of the styles you’re known for. Worship, rock, pop… how did you achieve the sound you delivered?

S&S: We purposely wanted to do something different with this record. We have spent so much time in the worship realm over the last couple years that we wanted to show that side of us. We wrote for over a year for this record—worship songs and stuff about where we were currently in our lives and walks with Christ. I think you can see all those sides on this record. Sonically we have been listening a ton to the latest Paper Route record as well as One Republic and Hillsong United’s Zion record. We wanted to take elements of all that and make it our own to end up with a record that could fit sonically anywhere. Grant Craig, the producer we worked with did an amazing job helping us achieve that. We took each song one day at a time and really just dove into it, making sure that every note and lyric was what we wanted it to be. It was my favorite music-making experience to date.

You’ve been through so much transition in the last few years. Who is Satellites and Sirens in 2014?

S&S: I think as a band we have finally figured ourselves out. I think we have nailed down our sound and know what our ministry is and I think we now know how to move forward with more intention. The next five years will bring more music and more ministry. We have some specific ideas that I hope will come together over the next few years.

CCM: How has God been leading you, teaching you and challenging you lately?

S&S: He is teaching us how to trust. He’s showing us that He is in control and we need to just learn to trust Him. No expectations… just to let go and let Him work. We so desperately want to keep our hands on everything and dictate where and when things should happen, but sometimes we just need to take our hands off and follow.

CCM: It’s been a dramatic few years, but surely there have been some funny moments along the way. Care to share?

S&S: Well, we are touring in a Toyota Prius!!! Haha! Our van is currently out of commission and since we are using Hawk Nelson’s gear for this tour (props to those amazing guys) we have been packing our guitars into the Prius. Pretty funny site having the tour busses parked behind the venue alongside our Prius!

CCM: The single, “Jump Start My Heart,” is absolutely soaring at radio. Where did that song come from? Do you have other favorite songs on the record?

S&S: “Jump Start” is the first time we took submissions from writers outside of the band. Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson produced a couple songs on the record, so when I was pitched this song and Steingard was a writer on it along with Sam Tinnesz, and then just how hooky and amazing it was I just knew it needed to be a Satellites tune. We took it into the studio and made it sound like us and now here we are! I honestly love the record, but my favorites are “Keep Running” and “Teach Me How To Love.”

CCM: It’s certainly worth noting that your fan-base played a huge part in this album through Kickstarter. Any words you’d like to say to them?

S&S: Thank you to everyone that helped us reach our goal on Kickstarter. We have the best fans and family out there. We love keeping up with everyone on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram…so keep it up! Let us know what you’re up to!

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