With four years since Relient K released its last studio album, it was only fitting to find Collapsible Lung (Mono Vs. Stereo) shooting straight up to the top of the iTunes overall album chart. The project marks the band’s seventh long player in a two million album selling career, which has also attracted additional momentum as of late thanks to front man Matt Thiessen’s co-writing on hits like Owl City’s “Good Time,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Long Shot” and “When Can I See You Again” from the movie Wreck-It Ralph. Given those infectious associations, the new record naturally overflows with even more pop sensibility than usual, though there are still plenty of the guys’ witty social commentaries and personal reflections of faith. Catch more from Thiessen’s friendly chat with CCM, including the curious meaning behind the new collection’s title.


CCM: What were you doing the moment you heard the new record hit number one on iTunes and what’s the first thing that popped into your mind?


Matt Thiessen: We were at the venue in Nashville kicking off our current tour. It was actually a hometown album release show. I thought it was nice and I hope it happens again sometime!


CCM: What prompted so much musical experimentation on this project?


Thiessen: I have been collaborating with a bunch of artists and writers for the last few years writing for other records. We wanted to surprise ourselves and get out of our

comfort zone.  

CCM: To what extent do you think writing for other artists has expanded Relient K’s audience?


Thiessen: It’s hard to say, but it’s nice when it happens. Adam Young from Owl City is a cherished friend and an amazing songwriting buddy. He has definitely changed things for us as a band.


CCM: What inspired the Collapsible Lung title?


Thiessen: Every breath is precious. Our lungs are collapsible…and our hips are replaceable. Over a year ago, my brother was hospitalized shortly after finishing a marathon. He’s running again. I try to jog every day. I think all of those things made Collapsible Lung feel good to me. It’s a celebration of God’s creation.


CCM: How have longtime fans been reacting to the project so far?


Thiessen: We’ve been getting an amazing reaction from a lot of our fans. However, I haven’t been paying too much attention to any critiques. I’ve enjoyed some cool stories about people changing their negative opinion to a positive one after time.

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