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> WATCH this message from Rhett Walker of Rhett Walker Band about their #ISurrenderChallenge initiative—watch video on this page, please click “play” above

“Hey CCM Magazine readers, Rhett Walker here! In honor of my new song, “I Surrender” (buy single), I want to tell you about the #ISurrenderChallenge. Each week this month, I’m working on a very specific area of my life—like, Week One is “Fear,” Week Two is “Distractions,” and on and on throughout the rest of the month. The reason I’m working on surrendering these areas of my life to God is to make room for peace and the things that are truly important to my life and my family. So, every week I’m going to be posting on my social media accounts (Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook) and going Live on Facebook on Wednesdays to talk about the progress of the Challenge and the reason behind the song, “I Surrender.” I want you to use the hashtag, “#ISurrenderChallenge”—tell me about how you work to get rid of things like selfishness and fear and to make room for peace and things that are truly important. Let’s walk through this together! Much love, can’t wait to hear from you!” -Rhett Walker

WATCH | Rhett Walker Band – ‘I Surrender’ (lyric video)

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