Reviving Dayvid is a band that aims to create a powerful music movement to win the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. RD spreads a positive message through creating music on the edge of real-life experiences. Like so many others, hardships in this life left REVIVING DAYVID’s lead vocalist and founder in a dark place. Born and raised in Rossville Georgia, David Ryan Wynne is just one of many aspiring musicians to emerge from Rossville, just outside of Chattanooga, TN, such as Lauren Alaina and Kane Brown to name a few. In March of 2018, God gave him a vision to reach the burdened, the broken-hearted, the hopeless, and lost through the power of music. With God’s direction, his love for others, and the help of a friend, Reviving Dayvid was born. The group is quickly gaining worldwide popularity and respect from critics and fans alike. They hope their vision of PURPOSE, PASSION, and PEOPLE will encourage others on their journey.

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“Without a doubt I am convinced we are called to love others, meeting anyone where they are, inspiring everyone in their journey to be revived,” states David Ryan Wynne. “David is my first name, but you’ll notice that the spelling of “Dayvid” is different. The first part of “Dayvid” is DAY. We all know that during difficult moments in our life it takes all we have just to make it through the “DAY”. The word “Revive”, means to “bring back to life”. As my spirit was broken, with the birth of RD, I was revived and brought back to life, personally, musically, and spiritually. Reviving Dayvid has affected my life in such a remarkable way. It gave me a plan to love others more than I love music. It taught me how to step out in faith and focus mentally and emotionally on my strengths, and to not drown in my weaknesses. RD has taught me the true power of how important it is to get out of the way of our own self-interests and to be connected to each other. For me this process answers the true and actual purpose for my life, loving others.”

The band has a diverse range of musical influences, ranging from Journey to Casting Crowns. And in 2020, Reviving Dayvid locked arms with NashTown Entertainment to further cultivate the growth and development of this worldwide movement. In February 2020 Reviving Dayvid released their debut album OPENED UP. The band released their first single “ON THE EDGE” and has been going strong, followed up with their album title track “OPENED UP” & then “STRONGER” from their debut album. This album leverages the band members’ experiences through dark times. It beautifully depicts to listeners how to transform hardships into wisdom for a brighter future.

Recently at the seventh annual Josie Music Awards, Reviving Dayvid was honored to receive the award for Christian Rock/Christian Contemporary Vocalist of the Year. Lead vocalist David Ryan Wynne gave the acceptance speech for the award. “People are our greatest asset on this planet. I thank God every day that he has given me a heart to love people and a voice to share it with the rest of the world. Other than music the one thing that brings us all together is that we all have been through something. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your faith, or how much money you make; music is the universal language that pulls everyone together.” – David Ryan Wynne

The Josie Music Awards is the largest internationally recognized independent award show organization and one of the most sought after and revered awards in the Independent Music Industry. The award show took place on September the 18th at the Country Tonight Theatre in Pigeon Forge TN to a sold-out crowd.

Reviving Dayvid’s new release “JESUS TRAIN” was written in the basement of David Ryan Wynne’s home during a time in his life when he thought he was going to give up on music. “As I stared out the window, I started to remind myself of all the miracles in the bible and I began to wonder if other people doubted themselves. When I think about our faith walk, I begin to ponder on this idea of a train. Thinking about others getting onboard with their faith and the “JESUS TRAIN” was born.”

From the rocking guitars to the bluesy vocal melody during the verse to the ramped-up vocals in the chorus, this song has certainly become a crowd favorite. It has a sobering and simple truth that allows people to not just get into the beat of the music but fully embrace the sacrifice that this man, Jesus endured on the cross at Calvary.

Coming out of the second chorus the beat of the drums sounds like something you might hear on the battlefield. We are reminded that this world is quite the battlefield. Every day is a battle between good and evil. Even though the good book tells us how the war is won, we as imperfect people still battle the enemy daily through many situations emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

During the dynamic bridge, this song reminds us of the miracles in history that Jesus performed and how others viewed his followers as strange. The main message of the song is simply JESUS. No more, no less. Jesus is the ticket to our eternity.

“You Gotta Get on the JESUS TRAIN”!

Reviving Dayvid’s new single “JESUS TRAIN” was released to worldwide radio on September 29th, along with the debut of the Official Lyric Video.

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