Hard rock is definitely a niche in the contemporary Christian music world, but hey, we can’t deny the awesomeness of a good mosh pit! RED is one of those bands that keeps turning out quality heavy songs with a passionate message, garnering fans in mainstream and Christian audiences alike. The battle of darkness and light is a theme running through their songs and accentuated in their memorable music videos. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut End Of Silence, here’s a look back at some of their best…

“Breathe Into Me”
Ten years ago, RED’s debut single “Breathe Into Me” fit nicely with the Skillet-dominated Christian rock playlists of the day, and it grabbed the attention of mainstream rock fans too. Blending hard rock intensity with a cinematic string section, this song and its video established the look and sound of RED for years to come.

“Death of Me”
This single from their sophomore album Innocence And Instinct is a hard rocker about the battle inside, and the band members square off against themselves in the music video… because who could resist an evil twin theme when there are actually identical twins in the band?

“Feed the Machine
“Feed the Machine” takes a sonic turn deeper into the metal sound, and the lyrics explore the search for identity in a faceless world. Observant RED fans will see how this is the first in a string of narrative music videos set in a dystopian world. Also, it has enough fire and explosions to make Michael Bay proud.

“Perfect Life”
Though RED songs have always had a melodic element, “Perfect Life” takes a departure from their usual “rock with strings” and goes for a hook that’s actually pretty catchy. The video’s imagery makes its statement about the shallowness of consumer culture.

“Darkest Part
2015’s Of Beauty And Rage is an ambitious project, complete with a graphic novel and a live show that plays out the story in the songs, and the eight minute music video for “Darkest Part” captures a bit of that story and serves as a prequel to… well, watch to the end and find out.

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