Typically, it takes a band a few years to get their footing, build a fanbase large enough to garner the attention of labels and promoters, and subsequently landing a major tour. Suffice it to say Royal Tailor is atypical…in more ways than one.

Clearly, their talent, style and performance are on par with the biggest names in the business. But what distinguishes Royal Tailor from others is their foundational premise that music is ministry and ministry can change a hurting world. One of the few interracial groups in CCM history, they have been forthright and bold with their message of unity and love. Their sophomore record (released Oct. 22) encompasses these passions with a sound that’s relevant, contagious and on par with any artist in any genre. CCM sat down with the guys to hear more about the music and where they’re headed next.


What prompted you to make your sophomore project self-titled?

We were really excited about our first album Black & White, but we feel like this new album really showcases who we are as Royal Tailor. So, what better way than to self-title and let the songs deliver the messages, themes and who we truly are!


You’ve garnered the attention and have had the privilege of working with some amazing people. What has been the most surreal experience you’ve had?


One that has been surreal for us was working with live show producer, Adam Blackstone, for our Winter Jam set. He has worked with everyone from JayZ to Rihanna and recently, Justin Timberlake.  From there, Winter Jam, in itself, was something that was very surreal. To have the opportunity to play in front of more than 550,000 people around the US and help encourage them was something that can’t be described.


You’ve said yourself that church is still the most segregated institution in the country (which it is). Do you feel that you guys can make a difference there? What are your goals in terms of equality and reconciliation?

We feel that we can play a huge part with our music in influencing today’s culture. Our new album is centered around tearing down the walls of politics, prejudices, etc. In saying that, it’s also about building bridges so that we can all come together as a group of believers and better this world.


Having now performed in front of thousands, what do you think are some of the most pressing issues for young people today and what are you doing to encourage change?

We have found, from traveling around the world that our culture is in a serious identity crisis and always searching for the next thing to fulfill its needs. We feel that our lyrics and lifestyle can help inspire people to be who God has called them to be—not what others claim they should be or attain to be.


Where did your name come from?

There’s a quote that says, “Jesus led with the heart of a servant, but served with the heart of a king.” So with the name Royal Tailor, we give honor to God, who’s the King of Kings and who constantly fixes, mends and adjusts our lives on His behalf. We are super blessed to be able to share our lives with our fans through this next album (which just released October 22nd) and we hope that someone’s life will be changed or inspired for the greater. That’s why we are here and why we are doing this!


For more, visit royaltailoronline.com

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