Paul describes the project as “honest worship sessions with very few overdubs… no digital instruments or synthesizers…a back-to-basics simplicity, singing together new prayers and songs as a community to glorify God.”

For Paul, who has spent the past 30 years teaching and training worship leaders around the world—with instructional DVDs translated into ten languages and albums in three languages—this new chapter holds great promise on both personal and ministry fronts.

Paul Baloche, CCM Magazine - image
One of the perks of this season of life, he says, is “knowing who you are, and what you’re good at, and even though we tend to discount our experiences, I consider it a gift to be trusted by worship teams of various denominations, a precious gift. And for as long as they’ll let me, I want to be an authentic voice…sharing, listening, praying, advising, a friend and pastor to other pastors…to affirm and serve the church with no agenda and to experience the beauty in that.”

“Most of all, I want to be an authentic human, a faithful husband and father,” says Paul, who beams with pride over David’s latest video production, daughter Cherie’s entrance into a Master’s program and Sarah’s growing family. “To finish well, maybe in 50 years or so, that’s my deepest desire. I hold it precious.”

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