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Welcome to Pardon the Introduction, a new series where we highlight a lesser-known, buzzworthy artist we think you should know, plus five songs to get you on your way to becoming a fan.

The world can be a dark, confusing, hopeless place, but music has a way of getting through the cracks to illuminate all the beauty and hope that still exists. Songs that live in the balance of joy and pain are exactly where folk-pop duo Jenny & Tyler excel, maybe because everything they craft is rooted in a love story.

Jenny and Tyler Somers met in college, as the songwriting daughter of an Air Force father and the son of a jazz composer father and singing mother. Brought together by their love for music, the two began dating and making music together, married in 2007, and settled in Nashville to pursue their music career.

If you’ve only heard Jenny & Tyler’s music in passing, we’re here to help. The catalog is already extensive for an indie duo, so we understand if you’re not sure where to dive in.

Here are five songs to help you discover the beautiful sounds they’ve made over the years.

1. “Song for You”

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Let’s start with one of the most iconic songs from their 2015 album, Of This I’m Sure. “Song for You” is an epic romantic duet that shows off Jenny & Tyler’s vocal powers against a sweeping melodic pop background.

2. “In Everything You Do”

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Jenny & Tyler’s wheelhouse is definitely in their relationally focused tunes. “In Everything You Do,” also from Of This I’m Sure, highlights the joy and pain of parenting, lamenting the ache of the world and a parent’s inability to protect their children from all pain, while pledging to simply “try to show you love.” It’s a sweet little folk song with lovely little musical touches.

3. “Faint Not”

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Jenny & Tyler’s first major success Faint Not may have released in 2010, but this song’s message of holding onto strength and faith against the world’s overwhelming pain is just as needed eight years later. The charmingly rough indie production values and Jenny’s stirring vocal buildup make this an unforgettable part of their catalog.

4. “This is Just So Beautiful”

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“The world is cold and so very, very cruel / But the sparrows and the roses remind me there’s still so much good.” A summary of Jenny & Tyler’s lyrical philosophy if there ever was one. This buoyant acoustic folk song reminds us of the beauty in a broken world, and will quietly lift your spirit.

5. “Fix You”

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Okay, it’s a cover, but it’s worth it because “Fix You” is one of the best Coldplay songs ever, and this sparse acoustic treatment lets the vocals and emotions really shine. Plus it features our previous Pardon the Introduction artist The Gray Havens to make a power duo of power duos. All the chills.

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