Nashville, TN (December 17, 2018)
With now 5 independent projects and 3 albums on DREAM Records‘ dance label DRÖM, under his belt, Matthew Parker is no stranger to releasing music. The 24-year-old artist and producer recently released his new 16-song album Daydreamer to critical acclaim with various Christian msuic sites calling it “tightly produced,” “daring,” “incredible” and “smooth.” In a new YouTube video, Parker explains the artistic concept of Daydreamer, how his musical journey has been over the years, his song bucket list and what is in store for the future.

Daydreamer track listing:
Good Memories
All I’m After
Paradise (feat. Holly Starr)
Blu Diamonds
Let Ṳ Go
Every Other Day (feat. Austin Lanier)
Find Ṳ
Lucid (feat Landry Cantrell)
I Miss Ṳ
Time Stands Still

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