CCM Magazine‘s new Fun, Fashion & FABULOUS correspondent MARi gains all access at a recent Newsboys United (buy tickets) tour stop at the University Of Delaware.

– Just how much is front man Michael Tait willing to pay for a bottle of fine cologne?
– What makes Tait’s “parfum mixology” so unique?
– Will MARi go for a “twist & plait” hair style next? Will Michael Tait wear a wig on our next interview?
– What fun gift does MARi bring for Michael to use on-stage?

Watch this fabulous sit-down conversation with MARi and Michael Tait—to watch on this page, click “play” above—plus check out some amazing behind the scenes action from Newsboys United with cameos from Peter Furler, Phil Joel, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein, and Jody Davis.

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