For this edition of CCM Magazine, we honor our mothers. It’s no accident that our Mother’s Day stories are the FIRST to be featured in the May 1 issue.

Our mom’s should always come first. Yes, they should be the first to be served at meal time (even if they were the ones to have prepared it), first in line—for anything, first to receive a blessing, and first to be thanked—just for being who they are.

1 John 4:19 says that we can love each other because it was God who first loved us. I also have to believe that universally, it is our mothers who have given all of us our first dose of earthly love. Furthermore, the ongoing and nurturing love of our mothers is often evident for many of us. As part of our cover story, Dawn Michele of FireFlight, a new mother herself, tells us how her mother Diane has exemplified this type of life-long and unconditional love.

In Proverbs 31, King Lemuel delivers a message that was inspired by his mother. I would assume that the King’s mother also taught him some very practical lessons—such as standing up straight, brushing his teeth, etc. But the messages given in this chapter is what had lasting impressions on his character and how he wanted to live his life.

Some have endured the experience of their mother’s moving on to a better place—with Jesus. Dan Bremnes experienced this many years ago, but encourages us to hold tightly to the wisdom that our mothers bestow upon us, perhaps just as King Lemuel did.

Whether the stories herein encourage you to give an extra hug or “I love you”—or a deeper remembrance of your own mom, I hope you enjoy CCM’s Mother’s Day special. Happy Mother’s Day!


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