Greetings! Thanks for connecting to another edition of CCM Magazine and for being a loyal reader. As we serve to glorify Christ with this publication and our lives individually (take a moment to notice the incredibly talented people profiled on the right-hand side of this and the Table Of Content pages), Christian music is at the core of who we are—we’re huge fans, and truly consider this work a labor of love.

We know that you love Christian music, too. We’ve heard accounts from many of you who still have your favorite back issues proudly displayed, while some have shared that it was through the pages of CCM where you were first introduced to the Lord. First, we identify with you! Secondly, we absolutely love hearing these stories.

As we move into the future of CCM Magazine together, we want to both become reacquainted with our tenured audience and get to know some of our new readers. You are an appreciated, and very special group of people to us, and we want to provide a publication that continues to speak to all of you. Please take a few moments to fill out our brief online survey, available by clicking below.


Now, enjoy catching up on the latest from Third Day, Red, Britt Nicole, I Am They, Casting Crowns, NewSong and much more from our Mar. 15, 2015 edition!


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