I have to admit it—I am selfish. Humbly, one of our feature subjects Chris Tomlin admitted that he used to be selfish, too. Tomlin married his wife Lauren at the age of thirty-eight—I am the same age, not married, and he is very correct in stating that when you’re single, life tends to be pretty much all about me.

Case in point: When we were preparing our Father’s Day specials for this edition of CCM Magazine, I was trucking along to find artists who would share their favorite Father’s Day memories, or perhaps best moments of being a father. No sooner did I forget reading about Dan Bremnes’ unexpectedly losing his mother (from our May 1 edition), I couldn’t look past my own life to realize that this observance could also be painful for some.

Around the same time we were wrapping up the June 1 issue that featured Reach Records artist KB, I watched a video on his website that mentioned the loss of his biological father. Additionally, someone brought to my attention an on-air interview featuring Lindsay McCaul talking about the unfortunate circumstance of her dad’s death. Of course—although it hasn’t been my personal experience, many of us have experienced life, or portions of it, without a father.

I am so very lucky to still have my dad here, and just like I was blazing through the production of this magazine, I was aiming to breeze through yet another Father’s Day. As you will read, our Heavenly Father is the true theme of June 15’s CCM, as He is both the supreme example of fatherhood and the source of our fatherly needs. This Father’s Day—outwardly, upwardly, or both—be reminded that all of us should pause and give special thanks to our dads.


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